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Zapp Smart

With a 7 USD monthly fee, Zapp Smart is the only rate plan that gives you back 4 USD as services, on a monthly basis. No strings attached!


No strings attached!

In other words, you can use the 4 USD bonus to talk for 40 minutes in Zapp network or 18 minutes in other national networks, or to browse the Internet for 100 minutes, send 66 short messages or combine voice, data and SMS services any way you like.


Monthly subscription 7 USD
Credit included 4
National minutes -
ZappMobile portal access Included
Calendar alerts
Packege Price no VAT included
Z720i 109 USD
Z710i 99 USD
Z510 19 USD
Z110 39 USD
H-150 19 USD

Aditional Traffic

Options no VAT included
Inside network calls 0.10 USD/minute
Outside network calls 0.22 USD/minute
International calls Zone 0 - 0.60 USD
Zone 1 - 0.95 USD
Zone 2 - 4.90 USD
Voice Mail 0.07 USD/minute
Internet access 0.04 USD/minute
SMS 0.06 USD/message
ZappMobile portal services Calendar alerts

Options & Upgrades

Mobile Banking Yes
Upgrade Friends & Family Yes
Upgrade SMS Yes
Upgrade Internet Yes
Upgrade International Yes
  • Prices and tariffs for the subscribed clients until June 1st, 2008
  • Starting June 1st, 2008 prices have been converted to Euro. Exchange rate:1 USD= 0.6792 Euro
  • Prices and tariffs presented on this website do not include VAT.

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