Va informam ca incepand cu 1 decembrie 2017 serviciile Zapp de internet fara abonament (cartela preplatita) nu mai sunt disponibile si din motive de ordin tehnic, SIMul dvs Zapp va deveni nefunctional. Din 1 decembrie 2017 veti beneficia de restituirea creditului existent la data dezactivarii SIM-ului sau puteti migra la o cartela Telekom, caz in care beneficiile din optiuni impreuna cu creditul la data de 30 Noiembrie 2017 vor fi transferate pe noul SIM impreuna cu 5 euro credit CADOU de la Telekom. Pentru aceasta este necesar sa mergeti intr-un magazin Telekom in urmatoarele 30 zile de la 1 noiembrie 2017.

Using Zapp products & services

1. General information on all Zapp products and services

National minutes stand for all voice calls made to any national telecommunication network, including Zapp.

Data traffic represents the Internet connection minutes.

Billing interval:

  • National calls - 60 seconds + 1 second;
  • International calls - 60 seconds;
  • Data traffic - 1 second.

Prices and tariffs presented on this website do not include VAT. The clauses of the subscription contract also apply to all the terms and conditions for using Zapp products and services, mentioned below.

2. Zapp offer (voice, data and SMS)

2.1. Anniversary Minutes

The 15 anniversary minutes represent national minutes and are available for each active terminal, for any Zapp subscription that is older than two years. The anniversary minutes will be received starting the 25th month of subscription, as soon as the billing cycle of the respective account is complete; in other words, if the billing date for a client is on the 10th day of the month, the customer will receive the anniversary minutes after the billing date.

These minutes do not have rollover. The following rate plans do not include the anniversary minutes: Zapp Smart, Zapp 500 Anytime, Zapp 350, Zapp Share Free 350, IE, Zapp Partener, Zapp Corporate and Zapp Ideal. Migration to a different rate plan that does not include the 15 anniversary minutes means this option will no longer be available.

3. Services

4.1. ZappMobile Portal.

The content of the messages (SMS) is provided by third parties. Telemobil is not responsible for the accuracy of the information, liability being confined to the terms and conditions of the subscription contract.

4. Coverage

The Zapp coverage area map is based on computer software prediction and subject to changes. Planned service areas may be subject to alterations due to changes in transmitter locations. Whilst we constantly work to make our maps as accurate as possible, the information provided does not guarantee the service is available. All products using radio technology, including TV sets and car radios, can be affected by local physical conditions, which may interfere with radio signals.

As with any mobile phone services, the signal can be affected in tunnels, basements, elevators, underground parking lots, crossroads or forests. In other cases, use of your Zapp phone may be impaired inside reinforced concrete buildings. On trains and in other moving vehicles that have no external antenna, the signal can also be affected. Topographic (mountains, forests) or weather conditions can also affect the quality of the signal.

That is why the covered area is only 90% guaranteed, both from the point of view of the territory and the number of listed cities. To learn exactly the type and quality available in a certain area, please contact the Zapp representatives. In the presence of the disturbing factors, either natural or artificial, the quality of the outdoor coverage is not guaranteed. For the extremities of covered areas, the quality of the signal in a certain location point can decrease, depending on how far it is from the site.

To maximize your coverage when using the mobile phone while driving, you can use a Magnetic Car Antenna. In order to improve coverage inside buildings, you can use a Yagi Antenna that has to be installed outside the building.

5. Interconection

Following the Decision nr. 546 dated 25.03.2008, taking into consideration the depreciation of the euro/dollar rate, Telemobil interconnection tariffs will be expressed in euro. Interconnection Agreement signed before 25.03.2008 will be modified accordingly. New Interconnection Agreement that will be signed after that date will contain the following tariffs:

5.1 Tariffs for implementation and use of interconnection capacity:

  • INSTALLATION fees (one time): Opening of a New Point of Interconnection:800 EURO per PoI; Installation of Capacity Port: 460 EURO per port of 2Mbps; Rearrangement of Capacity: 460 EURO per port of 2Mbps;USAGE fee (monthly): Rental of Capacity Port: 70 EURO per port of 2Mbps; Transmission costs INSTALLATION fees (one time): Installation fee: 2300 EURO equipment Installation/un-installation/line upgrade 2Mbit/s*: 380 EURO per flux 2Mbps(* for the supported transmission capacity. The installation rate for transmission equipment is levied again if upgrade/exchange transmission equipment is additionally involved in the capacity upgrade.)
  • USAGE fee (monthly): Short-distance line (<50 km): 315 EURO/month per link 2 Mbps(direct interconnection) Interconnection in collocation center Short-distance line (<50 km): 270 EURO/month per link 2 Mbps

Tarrifs avalabile starting 01.05.2009.

5.2 Conditions:

The rates are calculated in EURO, VAT not included. All voice calls are charged on a second increment basis, starting with the first second. The formula used to determine proportional tariffs for implementation and use of interconnection capacity and for leased lines is Sp = St * TO / Ttotal where:

  • Sp = the monthly amount invoiced by Telemobil
  • St = the sum of monthly fees for interconnection services provided by Telemobil to the Operator
  • TO = the traffic generated by Operator network and completed in Telemobil network
  • Ttotal = the sum of traffic completed in Telemobil network by Operator network and the traffic terminated in Operator network by Telemobil network
  • TO / Ttotal = the ratio between the Operator's traffic terminated in Telemobil network from total traffic exchanged by networks.

The above-mentioned formula will apply in case the: Ttotal > 75 000 minutes/month. For TO < 75 000 minutes/month the Operator will pay the entire amount

5.3 Address of switching centers where interconnection occurs:

  • DCS1-Bucuresti - Calea Bucuresti nr. 2B Bis, Balotesti, Jud. Ilfov
  • DCS2-Cluj - Comuna Feleacu, str.Televiziunii FN, Jud. Cluj
  • DCS3-Craiova - DRTV Craiova, str.Bariera Valcii FN
  • DCS4-Bacau - DRTV Saucesti, Calea Romanului FN, Saucesti, Jud. Bacau
  • DCS5-Timisoara - Str. Legumiculturii nr. 8A, Timisoara, Jud. Timis

5.4 Interconnecting Telemobil - Suppliers of services regarding subscribers

In accordance with the Law 304/2003, Telemobil will make available all relevant information to the suppliers of services regarding subscribers or to suppliers of subscribers' registers, within their reasonable request.

The terms according to which Telemobil will make available such information can be consulted here.

Suppliers of services regarding subscribers or suppliers of subscribers' registers will fill-in and send by mail to Telemobil the "Request form for making available information regarding subscribers".

The form can be downloaded from here.

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