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Terms of use

1. Definitions

1.1. For the purpose of this document, the following terms used in capitals shall have the following meaning, unless otherwise specified:

Trademarks: represent Telemobil SA, address: 319 Splaiul Independentei, Courtyard building, 1-2 floor, District 6, Bucharest, registred at National Trade Register Office Ilfov under JC40/13876/16.07.2007. with CIF 1596697, R

The Site: is the Telemobil website on the Internet, i.e. on which the User has access to information on Telemobil services and products;

Terms and conditions: represent the terms and conditions that the User must comply with in order to be granted access to the Site;

User: is any natural person who visits the Site, for personal or professional purposes and accepted the terms and conditions of this Site, thus complying with all the requirements of the registration process;

Abusive use: is when the Site is used contrary to the common practice in the field, the regulations and the legislation in force, or any other way which could prejudice Telemobil;

2. Contents of the Site

2.1. The information posted on the is general information on Telemobil, its products, partners, as well as other information regarded by Telemobil as of interest for the Users. 2.2. Information is regularly made available to the Users for free. Telemobil reserves the right to implement on Site certain services which shall be offered against some fee to the Users.

2.3. Telemobil is the owner of all intellectual property rights on the Site, i.e. on design and contents of the Site, as well as on all trademarks registered on its name and published on Site. The User has the obligation to comply with all the intellectual property rights of Telemobil, as provided by the legislation in force.

3. Usage of the Site

3.1. The User undertakes to access and use the Site for purposes and by means which cannot be regarded as abusive Usage.

4. Limitation of Telemobil's liability

4.1. Liability for the Site contents. Telemobil is not and cannot be held liable for the prejudice occurring from errors, non-accuracy or failure to update the information published or maintained on Site. In order to check accuracy of the information provided by Telemobil, the User may request information from Telemobil Agencies in Bucuresti or in the country, as well as from Telemobil customers'.

4.2. Failure to comply with the Terms and conditions. Telemobil shall not be liable for any loss, costs, lawsuits, claims or other charges in case such arise directly from failure to comply with the Terms and conditions.

4.3. Prejudices caused by unauthorized use of the information posted on Site. Telemobil shall not be liable for the unauthorized use of the information posted on the Site.

4.4. Incapacity to access the Site, as well as other sites. Telemobil is not liable for the prejudice arising from any failure of the Site, as well as for those arising from the impossibility to access certain links posted on Site.

4.5. Use of the Internet Browser Telemobil guarantees the optimum usage of the Site using at least the version Internet Explorer 5.5.

5. Modifications

5.1. Telemobil reserves the right to amend the contents of the Site without prior notice, such modifications following to be posted on the Site.

5.2. The terms and conditions may be modified by Telemobil upon certain intervals without prior notice to the User. Such modifications shall be communicated to the User after their respective posting on Site and shall come into force on the date indicated by the same or on the date when they are posted on Site, whichever occurs the last.

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