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Privacy policy

If you are using ZappMobile service, Telemobil can obtain some of your personal information that identifies you, such as: name and surname, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, information relating to you're using our products and services. Telemobil will deal with these in compliance with the current Romanian data protection legislation.

Please note this applies only to Telemobil not to other companies' or organizations' websites to which you link. For more details, please access Privacy Policy.

How can I unsubcribe to the ZappMobile Newsletter?

To unsubscribe to the ZappMobile Newsletter, send your request at By unsubscribing, you will also NOT receive any other type of promotional material from Zapp (e.g. direct mail, email, SMS). Consequently, you will not be updated with the latest information on Zapp products/ services, special offers etc. The only messages you will still receive concern subjects such as network or services functioning, coverage, tariffs etc.

Can I make a phone call directly from my Web Browser?

Yes, you may, but only for ZappMobile portal, as this option requires certain programming settings. With the help of the navigation options (Web/ WWW button or soft buttons), you can access a certain phone number link within the page, and then press the call button specific for your type of phone.

Is there any difference between the English and Romanian versions of the portal?

The difference between them consists in the fact that not all areas are translated in English (E.g. Bars, Hotels or Restaurants). Content area such as News, Press review, Horoscope or Jokes are translated in English and posted online almost simultaneously with the Romanian version.

How often do you update the information on ZappMobile?

The update on ZappMobile is done at different times depending on the type of news.
For example: - the update is done in real time, depending on the way the event develops; generally speaking, the update starts at 7am and ends at 11pm; if the case of important events, the update is done accordingly the content.

  • Weather - the update is done every 30 minutes for the main cities of Romania regardless of the above mentioned time limits;
  • Exchange rate - this is the official information posted by the Romanian national Bank; after 3pm, here you can find the official Romania National Bank exchange rate for the main currencies for the next day;
  • Hotels, Bars, Restaurants - every 3 months update; if you have any suggestions regarding other interesting locations, please send us the information at

It is important for you to know that there is a time difference between the update for Romanian version and English one due to the time required for translation.

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