Reading my Zapp invoice

How can I activate the detailed invoice service?

You can request the activation of the printed detailed bill by:
Mailing a written request together with your monthly bill;

  • Faxing a written request to 021/206.33.56 or emailing at;
  • Calling 111 (free call) / 4024444 (paid call), Customer Care Department.
  • Additionally should you prefer to receive the detailed bill by email you can:
  • Use the specific option available in the e-Care area;
  • Send a written request to 021/206.33.56 fax number or

Can I have a detailed invoice?

Yes, you can have a detailed invoice by:

  • E-mail (CSV format) - the information contained in the CSV format can be imported in Excel, Access or My SQL and that will allow you to build up statistics regarding the number of calls to a specific network/ number, or find out the total value of your calls made by a certain phone number. This service is free of charge;
  • Mail - together with your monthly bill; in this case, as long as you use this service, you will have to pay a monthly fee of cu 2.38 EUR (VAT included); excepted from the payment of this monthly fee are only those who have this service included in their Zapp subscription.

How do I read the Zapp invoice?

In your monthly Zapp bill you find all details about your phone number (s). On the first page you can see the bill date, the due date, the total value of the bill ($ exchange rate posted by the Romanian National Bank for the day the bill was issued), and the total value of the previous bill (in case it was not paid in time).

For each phone number you can see the number of minutes used in and outside the network, data traffic, sent short messages, bill adjustments, monthly subscription fees, additional costs etc.

In case you change your subscription type, your new bill will include a value subscription fee of "0". Your following bill will include 2 subscriptions: one for the past period and one in advance for the next period during which you will use Zapp services.

How do I read my first Zapp bill?

Your first Zapp bill contains an advance payment for one-month subscription fee and a partial payment for the period covering the activation date till the bill date. Because the one-month subscription fee was paid in advanced in shop, it will appear with "-"on this bill.

In other words, from the activation date till the issuing day of your second bill (namely 1 month + a period < 1 month), you are paying 1 monthly subscription and a partial one.

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