Call waitting

How can I activate/ deactivate the call waiting service?

The activation of this service can be done calling *48. In case, this service is active you will hear a beep until the person who is calling you will hang up.

In case the call is in waiting mode, the person who called you will hear a sound of call different than the usual. On the display of your telephone you can see the number of the person who called you.
In order to deactivate this service you must type #48.

What does call waiting mean?

This service helps you to better manage your calls so that you will never lose incoming calls while you are on another telephone conversation; you are also able to answer to a second call while putting the other partner on hold.

The telephone number of the second partner appears on the telephone display during the conversation, so that you'll know whom to call back. Activation and the using this service are free of charge.

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