Incepand cu data de 1 decembrie 2017 Oferta la cartela preplatita Telemobil nu mai este valabila.

Document verification:

  • ID: first name, last name, cnp, address, photo
  • PASSPORT: first name, last name, cnp, photo
  • DRIVING LICENSE: first name, last name, cnp, photo
  • MILITARY PERMIT: first name, last name, cnp, photo
  • ELECTION CARD: first name, last name, cnp, photo
  • LATEST ELECTRICITY BILL OR FIXED PHONE BILL: first name, last name, address
  • LEASE/OWNERSHIP CONTRACT: first name, last name, address
    • sale contract
    • rental contract
    • exchange contract
    • inheritance contract
    • donation contract
    • comodatary contract
    • ownership title
    • landbook extract
    • construction authorization+delivery note
    • certification from the hall (village)
  • DELEGATION/POWER OF ATTORNEY: the signature, company name, name of the delegate, date and stamp (valid only if it specifies that the delegated person is authorized to sign contracts with third persons or has administration rights; the delegation must be legalized)
  • FISCAL CODE: company name, address, fiscal code (no. at register of commerce)
  • REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE: company name, address, fiscal code, no. at register of commerce.
  • Electricity/gas and fixed phone bill may be either on customer's name or on the name of a family member. In the second case, a conclusive paper is required, paper which can make the connection between the actual owner and the applicant.
  • Telemobil is entitled to request a guarantee deposit or additional papers if considered necessary.

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