Zapp slashes international call rates by more than 80%

Zapp today announced a major drop in the long distance calling rates, introducing tariffs up to 80% lower. The offer will be available to new and existing post paid users starting April 27th 2009.

Calls to fixed line numbers in Europe, USA, Canada and China are now up to 75% lower, with rates as low as 2.5 cents per minute.

Zapp's international calling charges have been reduced by more than 80% to destinations such as: Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden etc for calls to fixed numbers and China, Singapore etc for calls to mobile numbers.

Calls to fixed line numbers to England, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Germany, France etc and to mobile and fixed to USA and Canada are now up to 75% lower, .

The international calling map is now divided into six areas and the tariffs are the same regardless of the time of calling, the rates depending on two factors: the type of number called, mobile or fixed line, and the destination country.

Zapp offers international calling services to more than 230 countries throughout the world, the tariffs being lowered in the case of more than 150 destinations of calls to both fixed and mobile numbers.

The new international calling services are available in three types of packages: Basic, Star, Xtreme.

For Basic, the new prices are: 0.19 €/minute for Zone 1, 0.22€/minute for Zone 2, 0.26€/minute for Zone 3, 0.30€/minute for Zone 4, 0.55€/minute for Zone 5 and 3.5€/minute for Zone 6. No monthly fee is required.

For Star, the new tariffs are: 0.05 €/minute for Zone 1, 0.10€/minute for Zone 2, 0.15€/minute for Zone 3, 0.20€/minute for Zone 4, 0.55€/minute for Zone 5 and 3.5€/minute for Zone 6, with 3€ monthly subscription.

For Xtreme, the customers will pay 6 € monthly fee and the following prices for their calls: 0.025 €/minute for Zone 1, 0.075 €/minute for Zone 2, 0.125€/minute for Zone 3, 0.17€/minute for Zone 4, 0.55€/minute for Zone 5 and 3.5€/minute for Zone 6.

The new international calling rates introduced by Zapp are the best offer for such services among mobile operators, 50% lower than their lowest tariffs, and in most cases our rates are even better than those of the fixed line operators.

This new tarrifing is in line with Zapp's Wireless Internet Service Provider where calls to international will now be competitive with the best prices available from fixed line and VoIP operators.

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