Zapp launched first bundled package of voice, data and internet telephony calls

Zapp launched the Zapp E@SY plan and Z910i Zapp E@SY terminal, a bundle of communication features and services that includes traditional voice and sms combined with push email, instant messaging text, internet telephony and web browsing.

Zapp E@sy Launch Zapp E@SY - "Internet for your pocket" - offers its users the freedom to communicate all over the world with friends and family, simply by pushing the instant messenger or unlimited email buttons.

"Our intention is to take separate products, blend their functionalities and offer a package that responds to wide individual communication needs, freeing the users from limitations imposed by traditional technologies and services." said Chris Bataillard, CEO of Zapp.

Zapp E@SY package is available on both post paid and pre paid platform, offering in total 5 plans thus making our internet offer fit every pocket.

By choosing one of Zapp E@SY subscriptions - E@SY Basic and E@SY Plus - customers will benefit from very accessible prices for handsets, starting at 50 EUR and get unlimited instant messenger and email.

For only 12 EUR/month, with E@SY Basic you receive 100MB of data, while the price for calling national networks is only 0,10 EUR/minute. Also, an option for 3.000 minutes of internet telephony calls to yahoo and other internet telephony services is free for the first 2 months.

With E@SY Plus for a 24 EUR monthly subscription you have unlimited internet, unlimited minutes and sms in Zapp network and unlimited internet telephony calls.

"The current offer of mobile services doesn't fully exploit the potential of a handset and of the technologies available. To us it made a lot of sense that a client using his phone for texting should also be able to send instant messages or emails. We went even further and offered also an alternative to intensive voice users and bundled in our package internet telephony minutes including yahoo messenger voice minutes. "said Chris Bataillard, CEO of Zapp.

For customers who want to have control of their spending but no subscriptions or invoices, Zapp offers a prepaid service on Zapp E@SY. All you have to do is choose the 199 EUR prepaid package with 20 EUR initial credit. For the first 2 months you will receive for free unlimited internet and 3000 minutes voice call to messenger.

Three packages are available for prepaid on Zapp E@SY:

  • Zapp E@SY Day with unlimited internet - 1 day availability, 1,9 EUR necessary credit;
  • Zapp E@SY Week with 30 MB included - 1 week availability, 3 EUR necessary credit;
  • Zapp E@SY Month with 100 MB included - 30 days availability, 10 EUR necessary credit.

In addition, Zapp E@SY can be used as a modem to connect to a PC or laptop, with broadband coverage that is now a lot more than 50% than our 3G competitors.

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