Zapp increases its data speeds to 21.6 Mbps

Zapp announced today the launch of the first 3G+ network in Romania. This will be achieved in collaboration with ZTE and by upgrading our UMTS network to HSPA+ technology during the month of August. As a result, Zapp will be the first internet provider to deliver latest UMTS technology, with 3 times more speed and performance than the competition.

The first phase of HSPA+ upgrade will cover Bucharest and will allow customers to access the internet with up to 21.6 Mbps download and 5.8 Mbps upload speeds.

"Historically, Zapp always lead the way in the Romanian mobile data market. We have launched the most innovative products and services, we were the first to launch mobile data, we were the first to offer broadband internet access, up to 2.4 Mbps, available nationwide. Now, we are the first to launch the HSPA+ network, confirming our position in wireless data as the leading WISP operator in Romania." said Chris Bataillard, CEO of Zapp.

This performance enhancement is being implemented in parallel with Zapp's phase two UMTS rollout, which will expand the 3G coverage from 23 cities, at present, to 63 cities.

In addition to deploying the HSPA+ and expanding the UMTS coverage, Zapp is also expanding its EV DO broadband wireless by another 25% to cover 80% of the Romanian population. This will result in wireless broadband coverage almost double than any of the other mobile internet providers. The high speed internet services from Zapp, are currently available to over 16 million peoples, throughout the country.

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