Zapp Buzz – a new and exclusive mobile service designed to help customers survive the recession using mobile internet for Messenger and VoIP

Following the launch of NoPay service, Zapp is responding to its customer's communication needs by adding a new extra-option- Zapp Buzz, a first product in a series of services developed especially to leverage the internet to reduce costs.

With the economic downturn, consumers and businesses are even more cost sensitive, and they will want to take the same low cost communications they enjoy on the internet with them when they are mobile.

Zapp BUZZ extra-options, addresses many of these wishes, by combining both traditional mobile telephony with internet telephony including Yahoo Messenger text and voice, reduces worries and provides new opportunities and efficiencies to a user being that an individual or a business.

"The internet is being used by many businesses and individuals to reduce costs, including communication. It is normal for Zapp, as the leading Wireless Internet Service Provider in Romania, to allow its customers to take full advantage of the many communication services the internet has to offer. Until now, many of these services (such as Voice over Messenger) were only available from a PC." commented Chris Bataillard, CEO Zapp.

Zapp BUZZ is available on both subscription and Pre-paid. Activate one of Zapp BUZZ extra-options, Zapp BUZZ 1000 or Zapp BUZZ 5000, and you will be able to talk and text thousands of minutes and messages to mobiles, fixed phones, and PCs all around the world. With Zapp BUZZ, the on net community is now over 800 million people!

For only 3 EUR/month, Zapp BUZZ 1000 offers 1.000 minutes voice call to Messenger, 1.000 text messages to Messenger, 1.000 minutes on net, 1.000 SMSs on net and 60 national minutes - 20 minutes to mobiles and 40 minutes to land lines.

With Zapp BUZZ 5000 you benefit from 5.000 minutes voice call to Messenger, 5.000 text messages to Messenger, 5.000 minutes and 5.000 SMSs in Zapp and 150 national minutes - 50 minutes to mobiles and 100 minutes to land lines. All these for only 6 EUR/month.

Zapp BUZZ extra-options may also be purchased from the credit accumulated by using the Zapp NoPay service, which guarantees you 8 cents in credit for every minute of call received from other networks.

"The current economic conditions make it even more important for cost effective services to be easily available to the general public. We cannot improve the current economic conditions, but we can make it much more affordable for our customers to communicate with their business partners and or their loved ones, not just in Romania, but around the world." added Chris Bataillard, CEO of Zapp.

With Zapp NoPay the more calls you receive, the bigger is your credit that can be used for making other calls or buying extra-options. Zapp BUZZ extra-options completes this service and makes it even more profitable as it allows users to reduce their overall telephony costs by covering all their potential communication needs, local and international calls, mobile or to fixed line, on net or off net calls.

Zapp is the first and only operator in Romania to allow all customers on all phones to call or send text messages from a Zapp phone to friends on Messenger (Yahoo, gTalk, MSN) while they are "online" on their PCs, all over the world. In addition, once the Zapp Buzz extra-option is activated, you can also receive voice calls from Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and SIP VoIP at no cost for any party.

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