Zapp launches the first international calling plan in Romania with benefits for caller and the party called

Zapp today announced a uniquely exceptional new service, Zapp Country Upgrade, that complements its already strong long distance calling plans and that makes it more simple and affordable for users to stay connected to family and friends in USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Basically, if your family or friends live back in USA or UK or France or you have business interests in Spain, Italy or Germany you could choose a local fixed number that will be added to your current Zapp mobile or FixTel number.

In order to benefit from the new program, a user must opt for the "Zapp Country Upgrade" that cost 7 Euro/month, which gives the clients access to especially low tariffs for international calls in those respective countries: 0.04 Euro to fixed destinations and 0.17 Euro for mobile calls.

By adding a new international fixed number to your Zapp mobile or Zapp FixTel will also benefit the party calling you as your friends or family will pay local tariffs instead of long distance ones.

From the caller and receiver's perspective the call transaction is seemless as a call is made normally, and received normally. The difference however is in the convenience as with Zapp Country Upgrade you can live and work in one country and get a local number in another country that makes sense for you or your business.

"With this new service we've managed to create a unique communication service that will benefit all Zapp users from Romania and their families and friends living abroad. No longer will calling international or calling from abroad in Romania, especially on the mobile phones, be regarded as expensive." commented Arda Arkun, Head of Marketing department.

The countries that are part of the "Zapp Country Upgrade" plan are: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and USA.

Additionally, Zapp provides some of the most affordable rates starting with Euro 0.04 to over 200 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa, enabling users to significantly reduce their international phone bills while still enjoying the convenience and flexibility of mobile calling.

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