Zapp launches NoPay

Zapp today officially launched its first pre paid voice service, called Zapp NoPay. As a truly revolutionary product Zapp NoPay's proposition is hard to refuse: Talk without paying!

Zapp No Pay LaunchSimply by answering your phone you will receive 8 Eurocents for every minute of calls from other networks, national or international. This means that an average a user of our pre paid services who receives two three - minutes phone calls a day from any other network will add up to 14 Euro in credit to his account each month.

"Zapp has history of innovation: we were the first one to introduce CUG tariffs, unlimited on net voice, broadband data, unlimited data and so on. For a mass market launch, we worked hard for a unique product that will reward customers for their incoming calls and allow them to talk for free. The result is Zapp NoPay!", said Chris Bataillard, CEO of Zapp.

Zapp NoPay is a fresh and unique service that creates a new category of services in the telecom industry, one that brings clear and strong benefits for any user. It has all the standard features of a mobile service and is available nationwide. The cost of the start up pack is 149 RON with VAT and it includes a Z320i handset and 20 Euros credit.

"With Zapp NoPay the customer has unlimited communication capabilities. Even with 0 credit, all Romanian numbers can be beeped. In addition, incoming calls can pay for all your outbound calls." added Chris Bataillard.

Benefits of Zapp NoPay:

  • For every 1 minute of incoming call from other networks (national or from abroad) you get 8 eurocents credit to use for outgoing calls;
  • If you ran out of credit we allow you to beep any network;
  • Credit transfer service to any other Zapp NoPay user;
  • 300 days grace period, following the active period.

Zapp NoPay addresses anyone who wants freedom from contracts and the possibility of never paying for calls.

Zapp NoPay is available in Zapp stores, Zapp partner stores and in many other selling points highly accessible to any Romanians such as: Carrefour, Real, Metro, Domo etc.

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