Zapp launches 'Internaţional 60. La Fix'

Zapp has recently launched a new international calling upgrade that complements its already strong long distance calling plan and that makes it more simple and affordable for users to stay connected to family and friends in Europe, Canada and United States of America.

"International 60. La Fix.", Zapp's new international calling upgrade, allow customers to call to fixed line networks in 22 countries, the destinations covered by this program being the most popular countries dialed by our customers.

In order to benefit from the new program, a user must opt for the "International 60. La Fix." upgrade that cost 3 USD/month, which gives the clients 60 free minutes monthly towards fixed line networks in 22 designated countries. The minutes exceeding this time will be charged at our normal rates as per different tariff plans.

In terms of revenues or volumes expected to be generated by this new program, Zapp didn't put a specific target, the "International 60. La Fix." upgrade being oriented towards more benefits brought to our users by extending the value proposition to customers.

"This new package for international voice calls is merely the start of a host of new products that we will introduce to the market in a bid to bring more value to our existing customers and also grow the number of our voice customers." commented Arda Arkun, Head of Business Development.

Additionally, Zapp provides some of the most affordable rates -- $.0.13 to $.0.79 per minute -- to over 200 countries in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa, enabling users to significantly reduce their international phone bills while still enjoying the convenience and flexibility of mobile calling.

The countries that are part of the "International 60. La Fix." plan are: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Luxembourg, Portugal, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Estonia, Poland, France, Denmark, USA, Canada and Russia.

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