Zapp launches an improved version of

Zapp announced today the launch of its new and improved website, developed to make our expanding portfolio of services easier to understand, evaluate and choose and corporate information easier to find.

The new structure is in accordance with the company's strategic interests, presenting in a very transparent manner our offer of integrated services and emphasizing at the same time Zapp's focus on innovation, value added and a great orientation towards our users.

As a result important and strategic sections such as our offer of services and products, coverage and handsets have been given greater prominence and the site is now fully accessible and easy to navigate for everyone.

Besides a new structure and an improved and updated content, the new encompasses now the most important functionalities of portal. This way, "My Zapp account" is from now on the area where Zapp users can explore and use different services offered by Zapp such as: eCare, multiSMS, Zapp Compliment etc.

The portal will remain online until end of August, moment when the functionalities on the portal will only be available through Chris Bataillard on the new website: "The new Zapp website provides valuable insight into the company: services provided, tariffs, coverage, handsets along with corporate information and key people. Furthermore the new website through a modern look, simplified structure and improved content will for sure offer users an enhanced experience, creating loyalty among our visitors. "

The redesign project was coordinated by a team of specialists in web strategy, online marketing, programmers and communication people from Zapp, Vitrina Advertising and Avantaj Net. "We chose Vitrina Advertising and Avantaj Net because their proposal was very well structured and researched, proving us that they have a good understanding of the telecom industry, of our brand and of the role the website should be playing in our communication mix.' added Chris Bataillard, CEO of Zapp.

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