Zapp launches a new service that offers the lowest flat fee per minute on the market

Zapp today announced that included in its offer for mobile voice services a new type of bundled subscription Zapp Unic.

Starting tomorrow mobile phone services users can buy the new Zapp Unic subscription offering the lowest flat fee per minute on the market only 0.084 Euro + VAT for calls made to any national networks and at any time.

The new subscription includes as well national and on net minutes and sms and customers can opt for a Zapp Unic plan of 6 or 4 Euro + VAT per month.

As a new subscriber to Zapp Unic plan of 6 Euro + VAT per month, one gets as well each month 1000 minutes on net, 60 national minutes and 500 on net sms.

If you choose Zapp Unic plan of 4 Euro + VAT per month, this allows one to talk unlimited to a favorite Zapp number that belongs to the same group and includes as well 30 national minutes and 250 on net sms.

The national minutes and on net sms bundled in each of these plans are applicable for life as long a user acquires the new service while on special offer.

Benefits of the new Zapp Unic tariff plans:

  • lowest flat fee per minute on the market 0.084 Euro + VAT for call in any national network and at any time;
  • national minutes included;
  • on net minutes included;
  • up to 500 on net sms included;

With Zapp Unic calls are billed at second after the first minute, like in the case of all our subscriptions.

Each of the Zapp Unic tariff plan also allows a subscriber to use our data services, speeds up to 153,6 kbps, for the lowest price of 0,03 Euro/min + VAT.

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