Zapp appointed Vicentiu Dragomir as Chief Technology Officer

As CTO he will report directly to Zapp's CEO Chris Bataillard and he will lead the company's progressive efforts around technologies and play a leading role in the long-term direction of Zapp's development plans.

Dragomir (47) assumes the role of CTO after serving as General Manager Network Operations at Zapp, responsible for ensuring the functionality of Telemobil's network within the defined and set parameters as well as the implementation of the network's development plans.

An employee of Telemobil S.A. since 1998, his earlier posts included Radio Engineer, Operations & Engineering Manager, Network Planning Manager, Network Planning & Implementation Manager with responsibility for strategic projects.

Before joining Zapp, he served as Scientific Researcher at Centrul National de Studii si Cercetari in Comunicatii, responsible for various projects such as: Radio-Reley 400 Mhz, the introduction of the teletext service in Romania etc.

"We're extremely pleased to have Vicentiu Dragomir join our management team. Having managed in a very successful manner major steps of the development of our 450 Mhz network, Vicentiu brings direct, relevant and complementary experience to us, and I am sure he will do a great job in expanding the existing network and the roll out of the 2100 Mhz network." commented Chris Bataillard, CEO at Zapp. As Chief Technology Officer, Dragomir will lead a team of over 100 multi disciplinary professionals, coordinating the activity of three departments: network operations, network optimization and technical support.

"I've spent the last 10 years of my career developing mobile networks, starting with NMT 450 Mhz, building the 450 CDMA and more recent the EV DO platform and I now look forward to the roll out of the 2100 Mhz network. As Chief Technology Officer of Zapp, my goal is to continue the work we've started a while ago and deliver an expanded, as coverage, and improved, as quality, network that will exceed client expectations and offer them measurable benefits." said Vicentiu Dragomir.

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