Zapp announced today that it will bring broadband connectivity to the service sector with the launch of a new Hot Spot service in over 100 Fly Taxi cars that serve the Henri Coanda international airport.

The service offered is based on Hot Spot technology and is very simple to use, customers not needing any data cards, wires, software or any technical knowledge to benefit from wireless broadband Internet. Basically any Wi-Fi enabled devices, including laptops, mobile phones, handhelds and PDAs can simply log on and start browsing.

"At Zapp we always focused on mobility and we continue to innovate the mobile data industry by introducing products and services that make the life of our customers mobile, simple, and smarter by allowing them to stay connected no matter that they are in office, traveling throughout the country, on a way to a meeting or waiting somewhere for a meeting to start." said Mircea Girbovan, Sales Director in Zapp. "The idea of complete mobility is also behind this project that basically provides internet access to mobile users in moving vehicles."further added Girbovan.

These networks in motion will be connected to broadband Internet via on-board Zapp routers and modems that hooks up with Zapp EV DO network. The speed for this service is up to 2.4 Mbps, giving travelers' access to email, data, games, chat and anything else they normally do when online, while they travel from one point to another.

Offering 10 minutes free of charge and then for a fee of only 2$ per hour (the value of the pre paid cards available on-board), Zapp is bringing a new communication channel to automobiles allowing the travellers to enjoy broadband wireless Internet connectivity at all times and places during their travel.

"We live in a need-to-move fast society and our service is directly addressing the communications requirements of today's busy people that are always moving but have great needs to stay connected at all time thus increasing their productivity," commented Girbovan. "Besides that over the years we saw the car industry making available a lot of new functions that a user has at home or at the office: play music on a CD, listen to the radio, and watch movies while on board etc…So it was just a matter of time until the internet was also brought in this environment." added Girbovan, Sales Director in Zapp.

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