Zapp launches Zapp Global Free, a new voice service

Zapp today announced the launch of a unique VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) type of service that will enable Zapp customers to place and receive unlimited calls anywhere in the world directly from their mobile or FixTel terminal.

Zapp Global Free service is partly using the Internet allowing calls between PC to Mobile and Mobile to PC, and mostly addresses Zapp customers who want to stay in contact with people living abroad. With Global Free, a Zapp subscriber gets unlimited internet calls, while their friends, relatives and business partners living abroad can call a Zapp phone in Romania for free.

The fact that the service is enabled on the mobile or FixTel, without any software upgrade, and the internet application can be downloaded for free at makes the service very user friendly. "Contrary to other VoIP services, which allow calls between PCs or fixed phones, this is the very first VoIP service available on a mobile phone in a user friendly way and for a very moderate fee." said Piermario Di Pietro, CEO Zapp. Due to its advanced technology when designing the Global Free product, Zapp was able to maintain useful features and value-added services (voice mail, call waiting and divert, caller ID, multiple call handling etc.), all of which are absolutely free.

This ensures that Zapp Global Free feels much like any of the voice services that the company currently has on offer. The service is launched at a very attractive price: for only USD 4,99/month Zapp customers can make or receive unlimited calls, while the service is completely free for the internet users calling the Zapp customer. "With Zapp Global Free we have created a unique communication tool that will benefit many Zapp users and Romanians living abroad. Calling international or calling from abroad to Romania, especially on the mobile phones, will no longer be regarded as expensive." added Di Pietro.

About Zapp Zapp ( is the sole mobile telephony operator in Romania that provides full voice and data communication services, based on the next generation network (CDMA2000 1x in the 450 MHz band). Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), one of the world's most advanced wireless technologies, is being developed and commercially operated by the U.S. - based company QUALCOMM. Zapp is part of the group owned by QUALCOMM, world leader on the market of CDMA-based mobile digital products and services, and the investment fund Omnia Holdings LTD, located in the Middle East.

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