Z1130 – the new fixed wireless telephone from Zapp

Zapp announces the launching of Z1130, a fixed wireless telephone, an optimal solution for the access to voice and data communication, which require no connection to a fixed line.

Z1130 is available for Zapp FixTel, the service able to successfully replace fixed telephony solutions, allowing access to voice and data communication at the lowest costs. The fixed wireless Z1130 telephone is available with an LCD display, allowing quick access to all menu functions, as well as easy access by any user. Due to the high intensity of the received signal provided by the external antenna, Z1130 may be successfully used in areas where a mobile phone is not able to offer the same performance. The terminal has 99 memory locations, quick dial for all entries in the agenda, access to dial registry and written messages service. In addition, Z1130 telephone has a fast speed modem incorporated (153, 6 kbps) which may be connected to a computer through a USB cable for Internet access, navigation, and data transfer.

Z1130 functions with a CDMA 450 MHz technology, within the Zapp coverage area. For Zapp subscribers who have been its customers for over a year, the telephone is also available through the Zapp Compliment fidelity programme.

About Zapp

Zapp (www.zapp.ro) is the sole mobile telephony operator in Romania who offers completely integrated communication services, developed on a last generation network (CDMA 2000 in 450 MHz band). CDMA is one of the the most advanced technologies, developed and commercially exploited by the American telecommunication company QUALCOMM.

Zapp is part of a group held by QUALCOMM, a mobile digital products and services market based on the CDMA technology leader, together with Omnia Holdings Ltd, an investment fund from Middle East.

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