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Zapp announces the launch of Zapp Talk Free subscription plan, offering free calls inside the network, as well as excellent tariffs for calls to other networks.

Zapp maintains through this offer the competitive edge that helped it make a name for itself since its launch, that is calls at the best tariffs and an excellent cost control.

Zapp Talk Free is available in two versions: Zapp Talk Free 600 and Zapp Talk Free 1000. The Zapp Talk Free 600 subscription plan costs 4 USD / month (plus VAT), and includes 600 free call minutes within the network, which can be used from Mondays through Fridays between 21:00- 8:00, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays regardless of the hour. Zapp Talk Free 1000 includes 1000 call minutes to any number in the Zapp network, regardless of the hour or day, all for a monthly plan of 8 USD (plus VAT). Furthermore, Zapp Talk Free subscribers get a flat rate, of only 0.14 USD/minute, for all the calls to a "favorite GSM network", as well as for all the calls to any number in the following fixed networks: RomTelecom, RDS, Astral, Dial Telecom, Radiocom (SNR). The selection of the "favorite GSM network" is free of charge, upon the signing of the subscription contract, and can be modified once a month, though in exchange for a 2 USD fee.

The calls to the rest of the national networks cost 0.19 USD/minute and additional calls inside the Zapp network cost 0.09 USD/minute.

There are also two options available for the Zapp Talk Free subscription plans, which further reduce the cost of calls to fixed and mobile networks. Activating the Upgrade To Fix option allows users to make calls - for only 0.06 USD/minute, to any number in the above-mentioned fixed networks, regardless of the hour or day. The "favorite GSM network" concept can be extended by activating the Upgrade To GSM option. Therefore other "favorite GSM networks" can be defined besides the "favorite GSM network" already chosen. Calls to any such networks come with a flat tariff of 0.14 USD/minute.

Any option can be activated in exchange for a monthly fee of 1 USD and 1 USD/network, in the case of the Upgrade To GSM option.

In addition, the Zapp Talk Free subscriber has the possibility to choose other Upgrade-type options available in Zapp's offer. These options provide access at lower tariffs to other types of services, such as Upgrade International for international calls, Upgrade SMS for text messages and Upgrade Internet for Internet surfing.

Every Zapp Talk Free subscriber also gets anniversary call minutes granted as part of the Zapp Compliment loyalty program: 7 national call minutes for life after one year of subscription, and 15 minutes after two years.

About Zapp
Zapp ( is the sole mobile telephony operator in Romania that provides full voice and data communication services, based on the next generation network (CDMA2000 1x in the 450 MHz band). Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), one of the world's most advanced wireless technologies, is being developed and commercially operated by the U.S.-based company QUALCOMM. Zapp's main shareholder is Inquam Limited, the international company providing services in the field of mobile communications networks. The significant shareholders of Inquam are QUALCOMM, world leader on the market of CDMA-based mobile digital products and services, and the investment fund Omnia Holdings LTD, located in the Middle East.

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