Zapp 14All – a New Subscription Package from Zapp

Zapp announces the launch of the new Zapp 14All (Zapp One For All) package, mainly targeted at the individual consumers. For a monthly 4 USD fee, users enjoy a single tariff of 0.14 USD/minute, both within and outside the Zapp network, irrespective of the time or day.

With the new Zapp14All pricing plan, users can talk to their business partners, family or friends at anytime, even if their interlocutors are clients of other national networks. Beside the single fee, 14All also offers permanent Internet access and value added services. Moreover, users can choose between two options, Upgrade 4 Zapp (1 USD monthly fee) and Upgrade 4 Fix (2 USD monthly fee), which considerably cut the costs of the calls made in the Zapp network and to the national fixed telephony network. Communication is priced at special tariffs for each of the two options - only 0.04 USD per minute, irrespective of the time and day of the call.

A 0.05 USD call connection tax is charged for the first minute of every call and is levied for all calls (voice transmissions) nationwide. Until May 31, 2005, those choosing a Zapp14All package can also buy the Z110 phone at a promotional price - 19 USD.

About Zapp

Zapp is the sole mobile telephony operator in Romania that provides full voice and data communication services, based on the next generation network (CDMA2000 1x in the 450 MHz band). CDMA, one of the world's most advanced wireless technologies, is being developed and commercially operated by U.S.-based company Qualcomm. Zapp's main shareholder is Inquam Limited, the international company providing services in the field of mobile communications networks. The significant shareholders of Inquam are QUALCOMM, world leader on the market of CDMA-based mobile digital products and services, and the investment fund Omnia Holdings LTD, located in the Middle East.

For additional details, please contact:
Mihaela Liliana Lupu
Head of Corporate Affairs Zapp
Telephone: 0788.102.282

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