Zapp at the International Broadband Communications Conference

Cuneyt Turktan, President of the Zapp Board, delivered the presentation entitled "The Future in Mobile Communications" during the first day of the International Broadband Communications Conference, held in Bucharest between October 5 - 7.

"Zapp will launch this month the EV-DO technology, which allows data transfers at speeds of up to 2.4 Mbps. This will enable us to offer broadband access at affordable prices while our clients will also enjoy the benefits of mobility," said Cuneyt Turktan. Speaking during the first day of the conference, Mr. Turktan outlined Zapp's vision regarding the evolution and the future of broadband in Romania.

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO is an evolution of CDMA2000 and an approved 3G standard for fixed, portable and mobile applications. CDMA2000 1xEV-DO is "data optimized", providing a peak data rate of 2.4 Mbps - the mobile equivalent of fixed broadband access.

The International Broadband Communications Conference is organized by the IT&C Commission of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies and with the support of the National Regulatory Authority for Communications (ANRC).

Among the speakers at the events are Adriana Ticau - Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Ion Smeeianu - ANRC president, Richard Harris - Principal Administrator South-East Europe - European Commission Directorate-General for Information Society, Edward O'Brien - representative of US Department of State, Office of International Communications and Information Policy and Varujan Pambuccian - chairman of the IT&C Commission of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies.

About Zapp
Zapp ( is the sole mobile telephony operator in Romania that provides full voice and data communication services, based on the next generation network (CDMA2000 1x in the 450 MHz band). Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), one of the world's most advanced wireless technologies, is being developed and commercially operated by U.S.-based company QUALCOMM. Zapp's main shareholder is Inquam Limited, the international company providing services in the field of mobile communications networks. The significant shareholders of Inquam are QUALCOMM, world leader on the market of CDMA-based mobile digital products and services, and the investment fund Omnia Holdings LTD, located in the Middle East.

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