Commercial Partnership between Zapp-Germanos Chain of Stores

Zapp and Germanos Telecom Romania announce the launch of a commercial partnership between the two companies.

Following the cooperation agreement, starting on September 17, 2004, all Zapp products and services - data and voice packages, phones and accessories - are available in dedicated sale areas at all the stores of the Germanos retail network. The Zapp-Germanos partnership is based on strategic elements that together offer competitive advantages to the customers.

The partnership with Germanos is an example of Zapp's ability to address new segments of the market by providing advanced communications solutions.

"We are excited that this cooperation allows us to offer, alongside Germanos, Romania's biggest telecom retailer, next generation communications solutions to the greater mass of consumers" - said Constantin Lucescu, Sales Director Zapp. "The agreement was signed to meet customer expectations for high standards of Zapp services and products but also to benefit from the Germanos experience, professionalism and local resources". Germanos Chain Of Stores offers its customers the possibility of choosing among the widest variety of mobile models and Services, the best offer from an extended product portfolio, that now includes solutions based on the next-generation technology. The partnership with Zapp also adds several strong points to Germanos' offer: high-speed Internet, highly attractive voice and data services, e-mail for the mobile phone.

"The agreement was signed in order to offer to Germanos' customers complete solutions which fit best their needs, but also to benefit from a fast developing operator like Zapp, who provides different technology in telecommunication on the Romanian market

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